About Me

This is just the beginning…Welcome!

       I have always known that I am not defined by any one thing, and all of the people I greatly admire share this quality. Like many others, I constantly struggle with battling interests. Between a day job and dedicated time in my art studio, it can be difficult to squeeze in anything else. At any given time, there are about ten different things knocking around in my head that I am dying to learn more about, try out, or share with others. I started this lifestyle blog because I realized I needed a space to organize all these different facets of my life. This is a space for all the people that also cook, sew, craft, grow, read, write, style, and DIY. More than anything, this is a collection. I hope that this blog will help inform and inspire others who are also multi-dimensional creators. In addition, this platform will give credit to all the amazingly creative people who have influenced me over the years.

        I want to welcome and thank any and all who take time out of their day to read or follow on the collective. My name is Emily; I am a multi-talented creative type currently living in Seattle, Washington. Growing up, I lived and traveled all across the country, a fact that I greatly cherish and one that has added to my unconventional identity. That being said, there is a little bit of east coast in me, plus a little bit of west coast, and a lot of complicated things in between. Fresh out of college with a degree in fine arts, now I finally have a little more time to dedicate to this new challenge- a gathering of everything interesting, imperfect, ambitious, industrious, and enjoyable- Welcome to the Bittersweet Collective!


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